‘Indiscriminate parking’ banned for three years in Brussels park

‘Indiscriminate parking’ banned for three years in Brussels park
Visitors with reduced mobility and tour buses will be entitled to a parking pass. Credit: Wikipedia

Vehicles will no longer be allowed to use the esplanade of Brussels’ Parc du Cinquantenaire for “indiscriminate parking,” a federal buildings agency announced.

“The esplanade is neither a public parking lot nor a public road,” the Buildings Agency wrote in an online statement, announcing that vehicles would be banned from entering the area from Wednesday.

“From 15 January 2020, a barrier will be installed in the entrance of the Esplanade du Cinquantenaire, on Rue des Nerviens, to put an end to indiscriminate parking,” the statement read.

The parking ban, announced in November, is projected to last for at least three years while the agency carries out renovations in the adjacent museum buildings.

The agency said the decision to ban parking lot was taken for “security reasons” and in order to guarantee works are carried out in good conditions, adding that the ban would be “reevaluated” after the three-year period.

From Wednesday, only vehicles from suppliers, emergency services and museum and park staff members will be able to access the esplanade.

Persons with reduced mobility as well as tour vehicles will also be allowed to park their vehicles in the area, where they will have reserved parking spots.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times

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