lays off a quarter of its staff lays off a quarter of its staff
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The tourist booking site is going to lay off a quarter of its staff due to the coronavirus crisis, the head of the Dutch group, Glenn Fogel, told staff on Tuesday morning.

More than 17,000 people currently work for the specialist website, including 5,500 at its Amsterdam headquarters.

"In my heart I hoped this wouldn't happen," said Fogel Tuesday morning in a fifteen-minute video message to his staff. "Nothing, however, can mitigate the impact that this crisis has had and will continue to have on both the travel industry and our company."

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The number of bookings through the website decreased by 85% in April, according to Dutch daily NRC Handelsblad, who added that the numbers were low in the following months as well.

The company will provide more details in the coming weeks on the departments and countries affected by the redundancies, but Dutch workers will be affected in any case.

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