'Perfect for the festival': SNCB starts selling merchandise

'Perfect for the festival': SNCB starts selling merchandise
Credit: SNCB

Belgian national rail company SNCB is 'going hip' this summer, unveiling a line of railway-themed merchandise “perfect for the festival”, as the SNCB describes it. From 'B' logo bucket hats to bum bags with the design of SNCB’s iconic seat fabric, the SNCB has it all.

Appearing on the SNCB’s fanshop page, the new clothing and merchandise have sold out quickly. Within days of opening the store, Belgian rail and design enthusiasts have bought up all of the company’s backpacks, bum bags, and socks. As of the time of publication, only bucket hats were still available for sale.

For the t-shirts, sweaters, and backpacks, customers can request their favourite station sign to be printed on to it, with a list of 550 to choose from. SNCB’s bum bags are made from recycled seat upholstery from trains and have flown off the shelves.

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“Ideal for a festival, a barbecue, or a day of train travel,” the SNCB states. “The products are intended for everyone, but we are primarily targeting young people,” SNCB spokesperson Dimitri Temmerman told Belgian newspaper De Standaard.

The company sells a whole other array of merchandise including books, art, drawings, DVDs, stamps, posters, and more. According to the spokesperson, the sale of clothing was a test. “We will evaluate this after the summer.” The company’s socks sold out after just one day.

SNCB is not the only company to cash in on the “fanwear” trend. Dutch retailers Albert Heijn, Action, and Zeeman have also released their own clothing lines, with some items becoming collector’s items. Similarly, Lidl released branded shoes that became an instant hit online and Ikea now sells bucket hats made out of its iconic blue bags.

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