Duvel invests in UK fermented tea

Duvel invests in UK fermented tea

The Duvel Moortgat brewery has taken a majority stake in Jarr, a London company that brews kombucha, a fermented tea. The Puurs brewer hopes thus to position itself more firmly on the growing market of natural and non-alcoholic drinks, Duvel said Wednesday.

Duvel Moortgat now owns 60% of the shares of Jarr, a firm founded in 2015, which wants, through this collaboration with Duvel, to continue to develop in the UK and elsewhere. The Belgian brewer says that it is not yet intended to distribute kombucha in Belgium.

The taking back will allow to invest in a new site, which will make an increase in production possible. Jarr will also benefit from the Duvel expertise and distribution network, we learn. 

The four founders of Jarr, Adam Vanni, Tom and Jess Seaton, and Neil Hinchley will continue to run the business.

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