Kipling sues Kruidvat for copying designs

Kipling sues Kruidvat for copying designs

Kipling is suing Kruidvat for copying two of their rucksack designs. 

Kipling also wants the right to go into the Kruidvat stores and check the rucksaks on sale, L’Echo reported on Saturday. 

Swiss company VF International, the European branch of the American group VF Corporation that owns the Kipling brand, recently found out that the Kruidvat chain had been selling rucksacks that were almost identical to two of their flagship models. 

VF International has submitted a complaint to Brussels Trade Tribunal. The owner of the copyright for the Kipling brand is now allowed to go into all the Kruidvat stores to seize items and documents to prove the bag designs were copied and where they originated from.

In the meantime, the judge has decided to hand Kruidvat a 1,000 euro fine for every rucksack sold. The case will go before the Chamber of Cessations if Kipling proves the designs were copied. 

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