Minimum wage could increase by €58 gross each month

Minimum wage could increase by €58 gross each month
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Unions and employers' organisations are examining whether it is possible to boost the minimum wage by 3.5%, a project already on the table for the Group of Ten, the main consultative body, De Tijd and L'Echo reported on Tuesday.

The lowest salaries will go up by 1.1% next November, and incrementally by 2.4% in April 2020. 136,000 workers could benefit from the measure. Given that the minimum wage for workers aged over 20 currently increases by 1.655 euros gross per month, the 3.5% hike would mean a monthly salary supplement of 58 euros gross.

If the 1.1% increase is obtained through a wages agreement signed at the beginning of the year, the employers are saying they are only ready to accept the new increase of 2.4% in return for trade-offs. One possibility would be to reduce deductions from salaries lower than €1,900.

This lowering of social security contributions should, therefore, be put in place by the next federal government. The unions are ready to accept the decrease in charges on condition it is temporary.

The subject will once more be on the Group of Ten's agenda next week.

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