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The Belgian Alphabet

Dedicated to Their Majesties the King and Queen of Belgium

I have been living in Belgium for ten years now and this is my thanks to the country which has been my home place all the time, always very kind, friendly and inspiring. For each letter of the alphabet one word was chosen which implies some characteristic of Belgium.


Belgians are ASTUTE. For many reasons. One of them is that Belgian capital, Brussels, has become the seat of many EU institutions. Brussels was in fact never chosen as the capital of the EU because leaders of its member states have never been able to decide which city this capital should be.  So, the astute Belgians made use of this situation and more or less by stealth, the European institutions emerged in Brussels.


BREWERY…of course! Beer in Belgium dates back to the age of the 1100s. There are approximately 180 breweries in the country. On average, Belgians drink 84 litres of beer each year. Almost every kind of beer has its own uniquely shaped glass and using the right one is considered to improve its flavor. Both, Belgians and tourists simply adore it!


Belgium is CHIC. Yes, it really is. Someone has said that Fashion is a final layer of human body. I agree. The Belgian style is characteristics and distinct identity is highly respected on the international stage forits unique balance between realism and creativity. The history of it all begun with cloth; linen, wool and cotton were first produced in Belgium in the Middle Ages. Cities like Bruges, Ghent and Ypres had thriving cloth industries as early as from the 11th century. In Antwerp you can find MoMu-Fashion Museum.


Belgium is very precious because it is DIAMOND land. Pure beauty, it is what diamond is. I personally consider diamond jewel one of the most beautiful things in the Earth. It is simply perfect. Did you know Antwerp is one of the most important diamond centers of the world, and since the 15th century has played an important role in the diamond trade industry?


Belgium is EROTIC.

Belgium Erotic festival is attended by more and more people every year. The Belgium’s most famous fair celebrates this year (2015) its 24th birthday and combines eroticism and glamour.

Belgian online Erotic Directory lists the best Belgium Websites of swingers clubs, clubs échangistes, massages salon en escort girls in Belgium.

Even erotic chocolate is available here in Belgium.


Belgian people are FRIENDLY. Making friends in Belgium is not easy at the beginning of your stay here. But if you attend clubs, sport or cultural activities etc., you are likely to find best friends among Belgian people quite easy.


Belgium smells of GAUFFRES. This omnipresent delicacy, especially when in warm state, creates an amazingly aromatic atmosphere and spell. Just imagine them with strawberries, chocolate and chantilly on top…


Belgians seem to me to be HARD-NOSED. Pragmatic, in other words. As an illustration I can present a few words which the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Mitchel said in Davos in January 2015: “Belgians are known as a ‘nation of engineers’, Belgian citizens have been involved to a great extent in developing infrastructure all over the world. The people of Belgium are known for their productivity and excellence.”


Belgium has given to the world some ILLUSTRIOUS characters like Peter Paul Rubens, Jan van Eyck, Pieter Brueghel, Jan Brueghel, Audrey Hepburn, Jacques Brel, Georges Simenon, Herge, Adolphe Sax, Vicor Horta, Jacky Ickx, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Eddy Merckx to name but a few.

As well as fictional characters: Hercule Poirot, Tintin, Smurfs…


Jewelled. Yes, Belgium is JEWELLED with gems like Brugges, La Grande Place in Brussels, Antwerps, Ghent, laces, tapestries, pralines, mussels, bier, chips…and many others. Actually it depends on your taste.


Belgians are KEEN on football. Traditionally the squad of Belgium plays at home in colours of the Belgian tricolore, with predominantly red. This explains the commonly used nickname Red Devils. At the 2014 World Cup finals, the young and internationally less experienced team continued its success by managing a streak of four wins, earning a spot for Belgium in the quarter-finals for the second time in its history. 


Due to omnipresent rain, Belgium seems to be LACHRYMOSE with all those strings of drops with which it is decorated. It is said that in Belgium there are 300 rainy days   a year. I never verified that…


Belgium is MODERN in many aspects.

Queen Mathilde of Belgium, the seventh queen since Belgium’s independence from The Netherlands in 1830, is above all very elegant, charming, modern woman, working mother of four. Everybody loves her.

The modern, open, and private-enterprise-based Belgian economy has capitalized on its central geographic location, highly developed transport network, and diversified industrial and commercial base.

Belgian Modern design looks like an updated version of classic 17th-century Flemish and Dutch interiors. It is characterized by natural materials, linen covers, warm tones, and a lived-in elegance.


There are many NOBLE families in Belgium: Princes, Dukes, Marquis, Counts, Viscounts, Barons, Knights; sounds like a fairy-tale, doesn’t it? Also many common Belgian people behave somehow genteelly. I like it.


Due to many contacts with various cultures Belgians are OPEN-MINDED people. In Brussels itself, for example, it is said that in the EU institutions there are around 20 thousands people from 28 EU member states working in the EU institutions (together with members of their families the number is even higher). These people bring their own culture to Belgium and enrich it.


Belgians are PROUD of their art, architecture, cuisine…and rightly so.

History of Belgian art dates back to the Middle Ages and continues through centuries to the contemporary Modern Art. The most significant art collection in the country is the national collection at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium in Brussels.

As for the architecture, the Neoclassical architecture enjoyed great popularity in Belgium between the 18th and 20th centuries and several neoclassical masterpieces (Gembloux Abbey and the Château de Seneffe) survive to these days. The Art Nouveau style buildings designed by Victor Horta are classified by UNESCO as          a World Heritage Site.

Belgium is best known for its chocolate, waffles, fries and beer. Sometimes you can hear that Belgian food is served in the quantity of German cuisine but with the quality of French food. What else can you wish for!


Belgium is QUEENLY. Reflecting the elegance of its gracious Queen, Belgium seems to me to be really charming.


RAINY, RAINY, RAINY. This is certainly Belgium. Since Belgium is close to the sea, there is often a chance for rain. The Belgian climate is maritime temperate with significant precipitation in all seasons. Useful clothing: a hooded waterproof jacket so you don’t have to bother with an inconvenient umbrella.


Belgium is SAVOURY. Everyone agrees. Each sense can find a pleasure as far as Belgian food is concerned. Belgium has one of the highest densities of Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe.

About 30 million tons of moules frites are eaten every year in Belgium (that’s 3kg a person), in a season that runs from September to February.


Belgiansare TOLERANT. Belgium has changed hands more than any other country in Europe. Subsequently, it came under Burgundian, Spanish, Austrian and Dutch authority before becoming independent.

All this left the Belgians with a warm tolerance for foreigners and an appreciation for culture and refinement, which are prominent in Belgian life.


Belgian resourcefulness and practicality is characteristic. Typical Belgian is UNDERSTATED, modest, thoughtful and completely successful.  Enviable, isn’t it?


Belgium is surely WATCHABLE. This small country, the headquarters of the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is noted for its strong culinary traditions and is particularly famous for its fine chocolate and abundance of beers as well as for its architectural gems, diamonds, beautiful costs and festivals.


Belgium is also sometimes X-RATED… this is when The Brussels International Festival of Eroticism is held. It is a trade show for the European adult entertainment industry held each February in Brussels. The first International Festival of Eroticism was held in 1993.


Belgium is a relatively YOUNG country, but with fascinating history. In 1830, the Belgian Revolution led to the separation of the Southern Provinces from the Netherlands and to the establishment of an independent Belgium. Since the installation of Leopold I as King on 21 July 1831 (Belgium’s National Day), Belgium has been       a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy.


Belgium is ZESTY and fresh not only for its food and drinks but for its atmosphere, too.

I would like to thank  this small and cute country very much for all the enrichment and joy it has given me.

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