Chloe’s Column – Part 1

I grew up in a suburban household in one of the nicest parts of Maryland. I was educated in catholic school until the fourth grade. My mother had a very successful business. Everything I wanted in life I could basically get with no questions asked.

To some I may have been a bit “spoiled” but me being naive I thought nothing of it. I was privileged for the most part. Until 2009 when the recession hit. My mother’s company suffered drastically and on top of that she became severaly sick. Picture this, a young girl no older than 13 forced to change her lifestyle. From you can have it all to, you can lose it all. Just like that.

Fast forward 6 – 7 years later and you have a young lady who has been through hell and back just to get where she is currently. Through many trials and tribulations, many setbacks and many “disappointments are for good” speeches, you have me. I’m Chloe, a nineteen year old young adult who moved to Brooklyn, NY, to go to school and pursue her passion in photography and journalism. And everything in between. I have honestly viewed myself as a normal person who lives a normal life. Others think differently. I am a very interesting person who actually likes people and helping them. I think that’s why I fell in love with photography to begin with, I love to capture people and bring them to life, in that moment I shared with them. I feel the same way about writing, when I write I am allowed to express wholeheartedly exactly how I feel. That’s why I am able to connect so much with people through my writing. I feel I speak a language that sounds ethereally soothing to the ear but still demonstrates strong opinion and great character.

I wanted to start this column for one main reason, and that’s to help people realize that life isn’t as hard as it seems. We are too hard on ourselves and others as well. We have to be more positive and more optimistic in order to succeed. I want to be an outlook for people of all ages both young and old. I want to share personal stories, stories of others and even answer questions that you might have. I want people to realize life, is what you make it. You can’t choose your flaws, so don’t let your flaws choose you. Being positive is the first step, I am willing to make that first step with you.

By Chloe Ridore

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