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Deciding to move abroad is complicated. It calls for confidence and calm and being ready to affront lots of paperwork, exhausting formalities, and finding new accommodation… And if you are thinking of moving to Belgium, security should not be a negative point on your list of pros and cons. Recent events in Belgium, France and the USA are reminders that acts of violence can happen at any place and at any time.

The Brussels attacks revealed that terrorism, as a global threat, is a common enemy of every country of the European Union and Brussels, as the capital of the EU, is not an exception. In the wake of these events, the city’s security and our government’s actions were called into question.

Mr. Claude Moniquet, security expert and CEO of the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Centre argues that “Belgium is as secure as any other capital in Europe. You cannot say that it is dangerous to live in Brussels. Paris and London are at very high levels of readiness because of the higher risks”.

Mr. Moniquet commends the government’s prioritized plan of actions however he believes that communications to the public could have been better managed. But at this point, it is necessary to distinguish between the current situation in Belgium and the image portrayed in the news. This expert, who started his career working as journalist, feels that the press does not deserve the “best practicet rise of violence or racism; it didn'tnd is the society reaction to these attacks, when it could develope  on press conference.” award.

Newspapers have not always been responsible with information appearing in the headlines. Today the press is losing the battle against the immediacy so I would say that social media accounts of official sources are the fastest way to know what is happening.” He reminded us that even in the face of these tragic events, Belgians remained calm and open towardsforeign visitors.

So if you are considering a move to Brussels, we encourage you to do so because Brussels, still after the attacks, remains a great place to be. Brussels is a multicultural city with a wonderful mix of cosmopolitan and outdoor pleasures. You’ll find restaurants appealing to culinary tastes from around the world, and be able to enjoy theatre, opera, fashion, and stunning Art Nouveau and Art Deco architecture.

For nature lovers, Brussels invites strollers, joggers, cyclists and horseback riders to explore over 10,000 acres of forest and parks just next door. There is something for everyone…

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