Diesel fuel prices climb to record highs

Diesel fuel prices climb to record highs
The cost of diesel will change once again. Credit: Pixabay.

The price of diesel fuel at the pump will top €1.80 per litre on Saturday, setting a record unwelcome with drivers and shipping companies.

Specifically, B7 diesel will for the first time top €1.817 per litre whilst B10 diesel will rise to nearly €1.7920 per litre.

It was only four months ago when diesel prices set records at €1.652 per litre of B7, The Brussels Times previously reported.

Meanwhile, heating oil prices are also increasing. For an order of less than 2,000 litres, the maximum price is now €0.9142 per litre. For an order of 2,000 litres or more, the price is €0.8837 per litre. High oil prices are driving up fuel prices across the board and many households are struggling to cope with soaring energy bills.

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