Belgian employer organisations fearful of a ‘no deal’ Brexit

Belgian employer organisations fearful of a ‘no deal’ Brexit
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Just ahead of the European Council meeting on 17-18 October and a few weeks from the Brexit deadline, Belgian employer organisations have launched an appeal to avoid a “no deal” Brexit.

Employer organizations –  FEB, UWE, the Voka and Beci – said in a statement that they fear that the departure of the UK without an agreement “would cause enormous economic damage to our country.” 

“Employer organisations want a withdrawal agreement to be reached and negotiations on the future EU/UK relationship to start rapidly during the transition phase. Employer organisations argue for a partnership as thorough as possible to maintain significant trade flows, while ensuring the proper functioning of the internal European market and fair competition,” they said. 

The uncertain outcome should there be another postponement was also highlighted by the organisations, who believe that further delay, “as long as we continue to seek a negotiated agreement” is a preferable alternative to a “no deal” exit. 

If the UK leaves without an agreement, employers insist that “Belgian companies must take the necessary measures and authorities should make every effort to minimize the impact.” They also demand the creation of a central contact point to which companies can address any operational issues. 

Lastly, organisations demand exceptional actions should the UK leave without a deal. “Employer organisations call on the federal government to designate a crisis manager charged to take additional measures in order to limit the impact and find solutions to unforeseen situations that might arise,” they stated in particular.

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