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Belgian tax office discovers new leaks

The Isle of Man is a tax haven located 50 km off the English coast.

New leaked documents indicate Belgian residents go through the Isle of Man and a British trustee to keep some financial transactions quiet, according to new reports by Le Soir, De Tijd and Knac.

The three papers analysed data gathered via a joint study by the Organised Crime Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and the Distributed Denial of Secrets collective. 

The Isle of Man is a tax haven located 50 km off the English coast. The small island is home to two branches of the Caribbean-based Cayman National Corporation (the Cayman National Bank Limited and the Cayman National Trust Company Limited).

The two Manx businesses admitted they had been hacked on the 18th of November: two terabytes of data was copied and published on the internet, including the names and addresses of 3,800 account-holders. The cyber-attack has been attributed to hacker-activist Phineas Fisher. 

The leaked data was discovered by the Belgian tax inspection department and secured by the Belgian internet service center (Bisc). The tax department said a dozen Belgian and Dutch residents have already been identified. 

The media group’s analysis revealed a dozen residents are on the Manx bank’s listings, but at this stage it is not possible to judge the legality or illegality of their activities and transactions. 

Sarah Johansson
The Brussels Times