Several banks will raise their fees in 2020

Several banks will raise their fees in 2020
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Several banks have announced they will adapt their rates from 1 January 2020.

The price of certain accounts and the rental of safes will increase.

At ING, the annual fees for the ‘green account’ will increase by 4 euros for private customers (40 to 44 euros) and by 10 euros for a professional current account (40 to 50 euros).

The cost of withdrawing money with a credit card from an ATM will also increase (from 4,96 to 6 euros per withdrawal) and at the counter of another bank (6,96 to 8 euros).

The rental price for safes increases, from 67 to 84 euros for the smaller safes.

Axa customers will have to pay an additional 0,6 euros for the monthly package of the Comfort2bank account (4,50 euros compared to the previous 3,90 euro). Withdrawing money from ATMs of another banks will also cost 0,5 euro per withdrawal.

The Crelan bank will ask for an additional 0,8 euro for the processing costs at the counter for a transfer to another bank (from 0,7 to 1,5).

CBC does not expect an increase on 1 January on any of their services while KBC is following the price developments of the market. The two banks had already increased certain fees in September.

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