Belgians only spend 1% of income on public transport

Belgians only spend 1% of income on public transport
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According to the latest European statistics study by Eurostat, the average Belgian only spends 1,1% of his or her budget on public transport.

It’s a low ratio compared to the French (2,4%), the Dutch (2,3%) or the British (4,2%) The European average is at 2,6%.

Three Belgians out of four also see public transport as too expensive, but compared to the rest of Europe, it’s only moderate.

Bottom three

All statistics taken into account, Belgium is in the bottom three in terms of public transport spending.

Only the Slovenians and the Luxembourgers spend less on public transport than Belgians. At the other end of the scale, the British (4,2%), the Bulgarians (4,2%), and the Irish (3,8%) are spending the most to get around on public transport.

Cheaper public transport

The Belgians’ relatively low investment in public transport finds its source in the low price, New Mobility reports. For example the average public transport monthly cost in Belgium hovers around 50 euros. On the other side of the Channel, that price is multiplied by three.

On a worldwide scale, London is the most expensive city in terms of public transport. Brussels sits between Helsinki and Rio de Janeiro, but it is still cheaper than Paris or Berlin.

That being said, three Belgians out of four still believe that public transport is too expensive, according to a February RTL study.

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