Why sending off kids to the grandparents is good for everyone

Why sending off kids to the grandparents is good for everyone
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If you're still lucky enough to have your parents, and your kids are lucky enough to still have their grandparents, that's a beautiful thing. It is also quite useful, especially when it comes to summer vacations.

While some parents may feel guilty passing their children to the grandparents to allow themselves to enjoy a kid-free break, it must be said that there are many advantages for all parties in organising a holiday for the kids with grandma and grandpa.

For the parents, there is a double advantage that the grandparents are (usually) available and free. They also rarely complain when asked to look after their grandchildren. They are even happy to do so. In addition, it provides them with an opportunity to feel young and rediscover their sense of fun.

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It is also quite likely that the kids will have a blast. Grandparents, as we know, always want to please their grandchildren. They take great pleasure in organising activities for them, taking them to the beach or to amusement parks. They can often do many of the things that busy, working parents don’t have time to do.

And while the kids are having fun with the grandparents, mum and dad can have some quality time together — which is very important for a relationship and can provide them with the boost they need to receive their children after the vacation with renewed energy.

At the end of the day, everyone benefits.

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