700 passengers stranded on Eurostar for eight hours

700 passengers stranded on Eurostar for eight hours

Some 700 passengers on a Eurostar coming from London were stranded for 8 hours on Sunday night to early Monday morning at Beugnâtre (in the Pas-de-Calais départment) after a train fire, corroborating sources have revealed. Around 9.00 pm “approximately 700 passengers were stranded for eight hours after an electrical incident occurred on a engine causing a fire,” indicated the Eurostar announcement, also stating that firemen intervened to put out the fire.

The electrical problem led to a power cut so passengers were thus stranded in the dark, Eurostar stated confirming passenger infornation posted on Twittter.

“Two diesel engines then came to tow the train the train to Arras station where the passengers changed trains for another Eurostar,” the source added. The source further said, “The passengers arrived at 4.30a.m. at Paris Gare du Nord. Ordinarily it should arrive at 8.47p.m. ”

“No-one was injured, the emergency services stated.”

(Source: Belga)

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