Boris Johnson to push for new Brexit deal vote in Parliament

Boris Johnson to push for new Brexit deal vote in Parliament
Boris Johnson hopes to come out from the 12 December election with a strong enough mandate to push through his withdrawal agreement. Credit: Belga.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will aim to submit his revised Brexit deal to the UK Parliament on Monday, in an attempt to get a "straight" yes or no from lawmakers.

After Johnson and EU leaders agreed to a revised Brexit deal, MPs on Saturday refused to vote on it as long as key legislation for a no-deal Brexit hadn't gone through Parliament.

The move forced Johnson to request an extension to the current Brexit deadline of 31 October, which he did through a weekend letter to the EU Council which, according to the BBC, he did not sign.

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By pushing for a new vote, the PM is seeking for a "straight, up-and-down vote" from British MPs, saying: "We cannot allow Parliament's letter to lead to Parliament's delay."

The revised deal, which was endorsed by EU leaders shortly after the agreement was announced, drew opposition from the Northern Irish DUP party.

The DUP said it could not support the new agreement, which would see goods entering Northern Ireland from the UK subject to some EU rules and checks.

Speaker John Bercow is expected to approve whether a new vote on the deal can be held on Monday.

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