27 EU members undecided on length of Brexit delay

27 EU members undecided on length of Brexit delay
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The 27 EU member states had still not made a decision on the length of the delay to grant the UK with regards to Brexit on Friday. 

This was confirmed by the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier part-way through Friday, just after ambassadors for the member states attended another meeting in Brussels. 

Brexit is still currently scheduled for the 31st of October. But British Prime minister Boris Johnson was forced to ask Brussels for another three-month delay (until the 31st of January) last Saturday. 

The spokesman for the European Commission said the 27 other member states have all agreed to grant another delay. 

They do, however, still have to agree on the length of this new delay. The current plan is to make a decision via a written procedure and not organise a special summit. 

If the three-month delay is granted, Boris Johnson has announced he plans to call a general election on the 12th of December.

This would require the agreement of both the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

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