Italy will further tighten coronavirus measures

Italy will further tighten coronavirus measures
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Italy will further tighten its measures to curb the spread of the new coronavirus, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced on Monday.

The country is hard-hit and has counted 731,588 confirmed cases as of Monday and 39,059 Italians have lost their lives to the virus, according to data from the Italian Health Ministry. Italy counted 32,000 new infections in a day on Saturday.

Italy’s current coronavirus measures will become stricter, a curfew will be in place from 9:00 PM and travel must be limited as much as possible. Travel between regions is no longer allowed.

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Other restrictions will include the closure of shopping centres during weekends and reducing the capacity limit on public transport from 80 to 50%.

Conte also wants to divide the country into three zones depending on the level of risk. Additional limitations can be imposed for the different zones depending on the severity, according to VRT NWS.

A government decree with all the latest measures will be published in the coming days, according to Reuters. It is the fourth decree with new measures in a month’s time.

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