Does sporting activity help to boost our sex drive?

Does sporting activity help to boost our sex drive?
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Under the negative effect of stress, one may feel less comfortable in one’s skin and physically tense. Connecting with other people or to ourselves is made more complicated by these tensions which generate negative energy within our bodies. Having regular physical activity allows us to release our tensions.

After 30 or 40 minutes of sport, our body secretes endorphins. These hormones contribute to this effect of relaxation and well-being. In this way, sport helps us fight against stress.

Setting ourselves challenges in sport also helps us to develop self-confidence. According to several studies, this can have a positive impact during lovemaking.

When we play sports, we sculpt our body, and we tend to improve its image. In addition, we become aware of our bodies when we work with them. Through the feeling of being alive, of discovering pleasant sensations, we develop our ability to be able to feel sensations that come from our body, and this is very important for sexual desire.

But be careful, there is a small nuance to consider: to remain beneficial for libido, sports practice is preferable in moderation. If you do too much sport, you may be more tired. From the moment we do too many sports activities, there can be a negative impact. We can be more fatigued, and less open to our sexual desires.

In the long term, however, sport is beneficial. Sport helps to promote our endurance and sleep. By playing sports, you sleep better. So, even if it may seem paradoxical, the fact of practising a sports activity more often will allow you to get a better night’s sleep.

In addition, during a sports activity, energy is triggered. This feeling of energy will continue after the sports session. And so, we can ride this wave.

So, conversely, can libido boost sports skills?

That depends on how you make love. If we make love in a delicate and moderate way, at that time there is a positive effect. Thanks to the endorphin, the athlete will have a feeling of relaxation and sleep better. But on the other hand, making love all night in an acrobatic way, can have a negative impact and make one be more tired the next day.

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