Supplies of Epipens in Belgium are dwindling

Supplies of Epipens in Belgium are dwindling
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The supply of epinephrine auto injectors, commonly known as Epipens, is falling in Belgium pharmacies. Currently, the pharmacies are unable to order fresh suppliers from the distributors, due to technical issues, Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad reports.

EpiPens serve as an important lifeline for Belgians with severe food allergies. In the case of a severe allergic reaction, and anaphylaxis, the auto injectors provide a critical dose of epinephrine to help delay or stop the adverse reaction.

Febelco, a supplier for more than 3,200 pharmacies in Belgium, says that they are having problems stocking their shelves with EpiPens. “Febelco saw a strong increase in the number of orders for this drug in July after even faster sales among its competitors,” said the company’s CEO, Olivier Delaere.

The company carries a second brand of EpiPen, which is still in stock, but it does not expect supplies to last. According to the distributor, they are expected to completely sell out within a week. Febelco hopes to get more supplies at the end of August, but could not be “100% certain.”

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Febelco blames the lack of supply on problems during the production of the EpiPens and has called on the government to avoid shortage by “facilitating parallel imports.”

The effect of the EpiPen shortage is already being felt across the country. People with severe allergies to wasp stings are calling pharmacies en masse to get EpiPens, but none are to be found. Across the border in the Netherlands, people are reporting that it is completely impossible to find EpiPens at any pharmacy.

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