Brussels steps up plan to provide all residents with quality food

Brussels steps up plan to provide all residents with quality food
Credit: Belga

Brussels-Capital Region on Tuesday launched the second phase of its Good Food Plan, aimed at ensuring that all residents have access to top-quality food.

In the second phase of the initiative, which seeks to improve the health of all residents, enabling them to better resist disease, the region intends to double the number of companies certified organic by 2030.

The 2020 health crisis and the ensuing shortages of certain foodstuffs prompted reflection on the need to produce food locally. They also raised awareness of the importance of quality food for strengthening people's immune defence against viruses and diseases, according to the Brussels Minister for Climate Transition and the Environment, Alain Maron.

It is in the wake of this reflection that Brussels Region has launched the second phase of its Good Food Plan.

The initiative is structured around five strategic axes: intensifying and supporting agro-ecological production in and around Brussels, developing Good Food sectors to supply Brussels, ensuring the distribution of a Good Food commercial offer, ensuring Good Food for all and, finally, reducing food loss and waste.

The Region will therefore support solidarity businesses such as joint purchasing groups, social restaurants and cooperatives of small local producers. It will also help canteens to convert to healthy eating practices.

Another lynchpin of the initiative is launching calls for projects in neighbourhoods that are still poorly supplied with quality food shops, for example, projects intended to develop vegetable gardens in such neighbourhoods.

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