Cigarette butts on the street: Wallonia too negotiates with tobacco companies

Cigarette butts on the street: Wallonia too negotiates with tobacco companies

Just as the Brussels government has requested financial compensation from the tobacco industry for public money invested in the fight against pollution by cigarette butts thrown on the street, Wallonia is discussing with the tobacco companies. A meeting, which could lead to an agreement on the amounts to be claimed and the priority actions to be taken, is scheduled for Friday, said the Walloon Minister of Environment, Antonio Di Carlo (cdH).

“In Wallonia, we have the will to involve all sectors in the maintenance of public cleanliness. We are discussing with tobacco companies, and hope to reach an agreement,” the Minister said, when asked, Wednesday, during the Wallonia Parliament plenary session, by the socialist MP Christophe Collignon.

In Flanders, the same type of request has already been approved by the sector. In particular, the tobacco industry has financed a thousand cigarettes slabs embedded in the sidewalks, allowing smokers to discard their butts easier.

As for the Brussels demand, Cimabel (Belgium-Luxembourg federation of cigarette manufacturers), Fetabel (the federation of producers and importers of rolling tobacco in Belgium and Luxembourg), and the Belgian subsidiary of the Philip Morris multinational company responded saying they were ready to engage in dialogue and constructive collaboration on the issue of public cleanliness.

“We must nevertheless know that the agreement between Flanders and the sector revolves around 75,000 euros a year. I'm not sure you want to commit Wallonia for such a small amount,” Di Carlo Antonio added. A meeting between the Region and the sector is scheduled for Friday.

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