Flemish deputy Christian Van Eyken released from Saint-Gilles prison

Flemish deputy Christian Van Eyken released from Saint-Gilles prison

The Flemish deputy Christian Van Eyken (of the Défi/Union des Francophones grouping) has left Saint-Gilles prison, the Belga press agency noted on Thursday. He was freed on the grounds of a procedural irregularly. The judge who consulted Van Eyken’s file, with a view to his appearing in court in chambers on Friday, noted that the arrest warrant for the only French- speaking deputy in the Flemish parliament had not been signed by the judge and therefore requested his release.

Around 15 journalists were outside Saint-Gilles prison when the deputy was released. “Spending two days in prison was not pleasant. I’m going to get some rest,” he commented calmly. He assured them that he will continue to sit in the Flemish Parliament, saying that he had received “many expressions of sympathy from his colleagues from all parties.” He claimed both his innocence and that there were sufficient elements proving the same, and also that of his friend.

The deputy, whose parliamentary immunity was removed on January 6th, is suspected of being involved in the assassination of Marc Dellea, husband of Sylvia B’s, a friend and colleague of Van Eyke, with whom he may have had a relationship. Sylvia B has been in prison since mid-October.

In July 2014, Marc Dellea, aged 45 was found dead. His wife Sylvia B aged 38, had called the emergency services. A bullet wound was found behind the victim’s ear.

(Source: Belga)

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