Flanders frees up places in Tongeren for young criminals

Flanders frees up places in Tongeren for young criminals

De Wijngaard detention centre in Tongeren will make four places available for “young people with severe criminal behaviour” to offset the overcrowding at the Everberg institution. This was disclosed on Wednesday by Flemish Minister of Well-Being Jo Vandeurzen (CD&V) following a meeting with juvenile magistrates and the Jongerenwelzijn, the juvenile wellbeing agency. The capacity of the institution is scheduled to be further increased.

The announcement followed the release of several juvenile delinquents from Everberg due to a lack of space there.

To avoid situations of impunity, four places have been made available at the detention center in Tongeren. “These are places that are open when the Everberg institution is full,” the minister explained. “These places are reserved for juveniles with severe criminal behaviour who represent a risk for society.”

The Tongeren centre currently hosts undocumented youths and particularly violent delinquents who need to be judged as adults because of the seriousness of their crimes.

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