Heavy traffic expected for upcoming long weekend of 15 August

Heavy traffic expected for upcoming long weekend of 15 August
Many motorists are unaware that passage lanes have to be created. Credit: Belga

Summer recess is still in full flow, which is likely to result in busy roads this weekend. The congestion is likely to increase given the public holiday of 15 August on Monday.

Traffic in the middle of August means congestion will be heavy for those departing and returning from trips, reported RTBF.

On the E40: risk of traffic jams en route towards the sea

For those heading towards Belgium's costs this weekend, traffic may be an issue. Ongoing construction in Erpe-Mere risks holding up drivers throughout the day.

The Brussels ring road is likely to be busy, with traffic due to construction sites; maintenance is taking place on the road on Hoeilaart towards Waterloo and the other in Erasme towards Halle.

Cities including Antwerp, Charleroi and Liège are likely to see some traffic, according to Touring, a motorist organisation.

Elsewhere in Belgium, traffic is expected to flow more smoothly except for the Sterpenich border near Luxembourg.


Saturday will be designated red for departures in France and black in the Mediterranean region, with extreme traffic on routes towards resorts.

The Rhône Valley is expected to be very popular with tourists heading towards the south. Sunday and Monday should be calmer with better traffic flows except on roads approaching larger cities.

Peak traffic jams are expected between 13:00 and 16:00.

Code red is also applied to Italy, Spain and Germany.

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