Despite the train strike, Flemish cultural sector will demonstrate on Thursday

Despite the train strike, Flemish cultural sector will demonstrate on Thursday
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The Flemish cultural sector intends to stage protest actions in front of the Flemish Parliament in Brussels on Thursday, regardless of the upcoming rail strike.

The demonstrators will organise a protest march – complete with a choir – which seeks to condemn the budget cuts planned for the sector by the Flemish government.

It is unknown how many will be turning up to take part in the action, taking into account the rail strike being conducted by the socialist and liberal unions, which is set to reduce train services by two thirds.

“We are determined to express our solidarity with railway staff who have for years been affected by a policy of budget cuts. This shows once again the wide extent to which discontent is being felt,” Sarah Scheepers of the VuurWerk campaign and Kobe Matthys of the artists’ platform State of the Arts, reacted.

“SNCB personnel are welcome to join in with the action in front of the Flemish Parliament. Let’s demonstrate together for a policy that invests in the sector on a non-commercial basis, because it’s there the real social benefits lie.”

On 19 December at 4:30 PM, the march will leave from Brussels central station and head for the Flemish Parliament. Participants from various artistic and cultural sectors will have their say. The speeches will be interspersed with musical interludes. At 7:00 PM, during a session of the Flemish Parliament, 500 singers will intone as one: “Hear My Voice.”

Furthermore, delegations from the different sectors will be present at sessions of the Flemish Parliament throughout the day, according to the action’s organisers.

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