90,000 households in Wallonia still have not paid TV tax abolished in 2018

90,000 households in Wallonia still have not paid TV tax abolished in 2018
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90,000 households in Wallonia have still to pay a TV tax that was abolished in 2018, according to the regional government.

The tax took the form of a one-off payment annually, over and above the cost of teledistribution. Even before it was abolished, RTL reports, many people neglected to pay.

“I paid it when I was about 30 for ten years or so, and after that no more. I never received a reminder or any demands, and nobody ever followed up,” said one person interviewed.

Nevertheless, the tax brought in about €100 million for the regional government. Now about €25 millions is still outstanding, and the region intends to go after those who have not paid the last bill for €100.

For most people, however, the fault lies in a misunderstanding, explained Nicolas Yernaux, spokesperson for the Walloon civil service.

The TV tax was not abolished on 1 January 2018, but starting from the tax year 2018, which does not run from 1 January to 31 December for a certain number of people in Wallonia,” he said.

“The last TV tax they should have paid, that is the tax for 2017, also includes some months in 2018. So perhaps there’s been a misunderstanding on that level.”

Last year, bailiffs took action to recover €12,756,000 in unpaid taxes and interest. This year, checks will be intensified.

There’s no fine from the region, so there’s just €100 to pay,” Yernaux said.

“However we urge people to act quickly if they receive a letter from the bailiffs, because the first reminder involves a surcharge of €30, and for the second it’s more than €120.So you need to act urgently before a simple payment of €100 turns into a bill for €250.”

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