VOO ending analogue television and radio signals

VOO ending analogue television and radio signals
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This year, telecommunications company VOO will end its analogue television and radio signal, switching to an entirely digital transmission system.

The switch will occur gradually during the year by region. VOO plans to warn customers personally about the impending switchover before service is cut, according to reports from Belga news agency.

The digital service is already available throughout the entire VOO network. Analogue service, which includes connecting cable television to a wall socket, has nearly disappeared from Europe.

Telenet, the Flemish counterpart to VOO, made a similar switch to an entirely digital network in 2021.

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VOO says ending analogue service will free up space on its fibre-optic and coaxial cable network. Company officials predict that with more space, they can better respond to evolving telecommunications consumption trends.

VOO analogue customers will soon start receiving personalised letters, including the exact date of the switchover to the digital signal.

Depending on the age and design of their television equipment, customers might require some adaptations. However, VOO has planned solutions ready to deploy to customers without additional subscription costs.

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