The Smurfs return to Belgian TV with the first new show since 1989

The Smurfs return to Belgian TV with the first new show since 1989
Credit: Nickelodeon

A new Smurfs show is bringing the characters of Belgium’s second-most-famous comic franchise back to the small screen with their first new series, 30 years after the last one ended.

First broadcast in 1981, the small blue Smurfs were hugely popular in Belgium and abroad until the early 1990s. While spin-offs, guest appearances, re-runs and movies have kept the franchise alive, this new show will be the first dedicated Smurf TV series since the last episode aired on December 2, 1989.

“Many of today’s parents grew up with the Smurfs in the 80s and 90s and can now enjoy watching their children feast on the new Smurfs adventures on Ketnet,” Véronique Culliford, president of IMPS-the Smurfs, and daughter of smurf creator Peyo told HLN “We are very proud of this new TV series and hope that young and old can enjoy it together!”

Due to launch in Belgium at the end of October, the new show continues the stories set out by Belgian artist Peyo in his comics while still showing the characters in a new light. “For example, Smurfette is much more empowered in this new series – she’s even an expert in the little-known martial art Smurf-fu,” writers Peter Saisselin and Amy Serafin explained to AWN.

The new show will stick to the computer-generated style seen in the 2017 Smurf movie and promises to add new characters to the 100-odd colourful characters already living in Smurf village.

Despite being produced by a partnership of several Belgian studios, an English dubbed version of the show by Nickelodeon Studios has already played to international audiences.

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