Over 1 million coronavirus deaths registered worldwide

Over 1 million coronavirus deaths registered worldwide
Credit: Belga

More than one million people have lost their lives to Covid-19, according to a count by AFP on Sunday at 10:30 PM GMT (12:30 AM Brussels time).

A total of 1,000,009 deaths were officially recorded among 33,018,877. At the same time, 22,640,048 people are considered to have recovered from the virus.

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The most affected regions in terms of deaths are Latin America and the Caribbean (314,032 deaths out of 9,190,683 cases), Europe (229,945 deaths out of 5,273,943 cases) and the United States and Canada (214,031 deaths out of 7,258,663 cases).

The United States had the highest death toll, according to AFP, with more than 200,000 deaths, and was followed by Brazil, India, Mexico and the UK.

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