Astronauts help follow Santa's tour live

Astronauts help follow Santa's tour live
International Space Station.

For decades, the US military follow Santa Claus’ tour live on Christmas.

This year they received support from the astronauts at the International Space Station (ISS).

"We got visual confirmation that Santa is now traveling over India," Announced astronaut Andrew Morgan on Christmas Eve in a video shot in zero gravity from the station.

The International Space Station is located 400 kilometers above Earth, and gives the astronauts "an ideal observation point to follow Santa in his journey around the world," said aviation security of the United States and Canada (Norad), thanking Colonel Morgan and his team for this unique collaboration.

The information gathered together to visualize, live and in 3D, Santa Claus’ route can be followed on Each Christmas it is visited by over 20 million people.

The American tradition of this tracking began in 1955, due to a mistake in a local Colorado newspaper.

An advertisement from the Sears department store chain invited Santa for a phone call, but the number provided mistakenly pointed to Norad's (The US Continental Air Defense Command) phone number.

When a young girl dialed the number in 1955, the office at duty, Colonel Harry Shoup first found himself confused, when she asked him if he was the Santa Claus, but decided to play along and quickly gave instructions to his men to give information on the location of Santa Claus.

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