Over 380,000 people have died in Syrian war

Over 380,000 people have died in Syrian war
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More than 380,000 people have died in Syria since the war started in March 2011, including 115,000 civilians. 

This is according to figures published by the Syrian Human Rights Observatory (SHRO) on Saturday. 

The conflict began when pacifist pro-democracy protestors were violently repressed and was made worse by the involvement of jihadist groups and foreign powers. The Bachar-al-Assad regime has managed to retake two-thirds of the territory over the last few years thanks to military support from its ally, Russia. 

The war has caused massive destruction of infrastructure and has reduced several sectors that are crucial to the economy to nothing.

The latest SHRO figures say more than 128,100 soldiers in the Syrian army and members of allied Syrian and foreign military groups have died in the fighting since 2011, including 1,682 Hezbollah fighters (Lebanon). 

More than 69,100 fighters from rebel, opposition and Kurdish forces have also died. 

The same source reveals that more than 67,000 members of Islamic State (IS), Hayat Tahrir al-Cham (former Al-Qaida branch in Syria) and other jihadist groups have been killed. 

The conflict has forced millions of Syrians to leave their homes. Non-governmental organisations have denounced the regime’s human rights abuses and breaches, accusing it of deadly chemical attacks as well as torture and arbitrary arrests. 

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