Coronavirus: global death toll tops 243,000

Coronavirus: global death toll tops 243,000
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The coronavirus pandemic has claimed at least 243,637 lives as of Sunday, according to a tally by AFP.

As of 1.00 p.m. Belgian time on Sunday, more than 3,441,540 cases of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) have been officially diagnosed in 195 countries and territories since the start of the pandemic, according to AFP, though this is only a fraction of the real figure since many countries only test people needing to be admitted to hospitals. 1,055,500 people are considered as having recovered from the virus.

The United States, which registered its first coronavirus death in early February, is the country with the highest number of fatalities, with 66,385 deaths for 1,133,069 cases, while at least 175,382 persons have recovered.

The country with the second highest number of fatalities is Italy, with 28,710 deaths for 209,328 cases, followed by the United Kingdom (28,131 deaths, 182,260 cases), Spain (25,264 deaths, 217,466 cases) and France (24,760 deaths, 168,396 cases).

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China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau), where the pandemic began in December, has officially reported 82,877 cases, including two new ones between Saturday and Sunday, with 4,633 deaths and 77,713 recoveries.

Europe now has a cumulative total of 142,611 deaths for 1,535,203 cases, while the United States and Canada counted 70,018 deaths for 1,189,649 cases.

Latin America and the Caribbean had 13,156 fatalities for 246,581 cases, Asia recorded 9,061 deaths and 237,852 cases, the Middle East 6,929 deaths for 181,730 cases, Africa 1,740 deaths for 42,408 cases, and Oceania counted 122 deaths for 8,125 cases.

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