Coronavirus: returning Australians face whopping quarantine bill

Coronavirus: returning Australians face whopping quarantine bill
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From 18 July, Australians landing in Sydney will need to fork out 3,000 Australian dollars (about €1,850) for their compulsory quarantine in a hotel, the New South Wales provincial administration announced on Sunday.

They will have to pay an additional $1,000 if they have a spouse and $5,000 for a family of four.

Until now, these expenses have been taken care of by the provincial authorities, costing them a total of over 50 million Australian dollars, but now they feel people have had ample time to return home.

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Sydney is the main port of entry for international flights to Australia, especially since Melbourne Airport is temporarily closed due to the lockdown imposed in the area.

The number of Australians authorised to return home via a cross-border connection has been reduced to 4,000 per week, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on Friday.

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