Bodies of five children found in apartment in Germany

Bodies of five children found in apartment in Germany
Solingen, Germany. Credit: Hannibal21 / CC: 3.0

The bodies of five children were found in an apartment in Solingen, Germany (in North Rhine-Westphalia, a state bordering on Belgium), police told DPA News Agency.

The children's mother is currently seriously injured after jumping in front of an S-bahn (a sort of urban train) at Dusseldorf’s main station, as North Rhine-Westphalia's Interior Minister Herbert Reul said and various media reported.

A sixth child survived, according to various media including Bild, Die Welt and the BBC.

"We cannot yet say anything about the motive,” police spokesman Stefan Weiand told Bild. “The mother must be questioned."

"The family drama of Solingen fills me with great sadness and at the moment my thoughts and prayers are with five small children who were torn from life so terribly early,” Reul said.

The children were one, two, three, six and eight years old, according to unconfirmed reports by Bild.

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