Brussels Airlines launches internal investigation into harassment and intimidation

Brussels Airlines launches internal investigation into harassment and intimidation
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Brussels Airlines launched an internal investigation after receiving complaints of intimidation and harassment among a certain group of its staff, the airline said Thursday.

The airline takes these complaints very seriously and applies a zero-tolerance policy for this type of behaviour, it said.

After initial interviews with workers claiming to be victims of such behaviour, it became clear that the allegations are of such a serious nature that a thorough and neutral investigation is necessary, the company explained in an internal communication which Belga News Agency was able to consult.

This investigation was entrusted to Lufthansa, the parent company of Brussels Airlines, so that no one working for the Belgian company could influence it.

The company encourages its employees to come forward if they feel they are victims of inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.

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As such, it has put in place a process that provides for the highest standards of confidentiality. The trade unions at Brussels Airlines have been informed of this in order to ensure a safe environment for any victim or witness.

Workers close to the environment to be investigated are temporarily suspended from their duties, according to management, to allow a neutral investigation to take place. This temporary suspension is not a punitive measure, management stressed, and was decided on in agreement with those concerned.

Brussels Airlines “will take all necessary measures with regard to the victims as well as with regard to the employees who adopt this behaviour,” it said.

“The airline is committed to maintaining a positive and respectful working environment and will not comment on the case until the investigation is completed.”

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