Three charged in connection with planned neo-Nazi attack

Three charged in connection with planned neo-Nazi attack

Three members of a neo-Nazi group in France have been charged with “criminal terrorist association” on suspicion of planning an attack on a Masonic lodge, a judicial source said on Saturday.

The three, two men aged 29 and 56 and a 53-year-old woman, were held on Tuesday in the east of France. They were charged on Friday evening and placed on preventive detention, the source said.

The three were detained on the basis of their communications, Internet research into explosives and stake-outs of potential targets, according to reports in French media.

The arrests were part of a preliminary investigation launched in February by France’s anti-terrorism prosecutor into a tiny ultra-right group calling itself “Honour and Nation,” the French media reported.

Freemasonry dates from the Templars and other Christian knights’ orders in the Crusader Kingdom in Jerusalem and later in Europe through the Middle Ages. Some national lodges were influenced by these orders and limited membership to Christians. Ironically, Freemasons and Jews were both targets of anti-Semitic propaganda.

When Nazism came to power in Germany, it started a campaign to destroy both Freemasons and Jews.

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