€125 fine for dirty vehicle registration plates

€125 fine for dirty vehicle registration plates

Drivers beware: clear the mud, grease, and other residues off your vehicle registration plates or face a €125 fine.

With the recent stretch of rainy days and no freezes, weather conditions are perfect for covering vehicles with road grime obscuring vehicle registration plates. However, driving with an illegible plate is considered a second-degree offence, Sud Presse reports.

Last year, Minister of Justice Vincent Van Quickenborne announced several policy changes designed to tighten speed limit enforcement, The Brussels Times previously reported.

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Speed cameras are a vital part of the campaign to reduce speeding but understandably rely on being able to capture clear images of vehicle registration plates in order for fines to be issued.

The goal is to reduce the number of vehicle crashes. In 2019, before Covid-related restrictions limited travel, 37,719 crashes occurred on Belgian roads, resulting in 47,832 injuries, including 644 deaths, according to Statbel.

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