Tomorrowland: 5,000 require first-aid and 50 hospitalised

Tomorrowland: 5,000 require first-aid and 50 hospitalised
The stage from a previous edition of tomorrowland. Credit: Wikipedia

As Tomorrowland's first weekend drew to a close on Sunday, Het Vlaamse Kruis first-aid workers had carried out around 5,000 interventions around the festival campsite, the organisation reported.

About fifty festival-goers were also sent to the nearest hospitals, most often for minor ailments, but two people were still in intensive care on Sunday afternoon, according to reports.

While the exact reasons for the hospitalisation were unknown, one has been there since Friday evening and the other was transported to the University Hospital of Antwerp (UZA) on Saturday night.

"It is a decision for hospital staff, sometimes it is a precautionary measure," said Kevin Beens of Het Vlaamse Kruis, an aid organization with departments and centres throughout Flanders.

Since Friday, the first aiders has carried out about 5,000 interventions, a slightly higher number than last year, due to more sprains.

While most of the ailments were not serious, a 27-year-old festival-goer died as a result of an illness probably caused by drug use, as previously reported. The Antwerp Public Prosecutor's Office has opened an investigation into drug trafficking leading to death.

The Tomorrowland electronic music festival, which takes place in Boom (Antwerp), welcomes around 200,000 people per weekend. The second will take place from 26 to 28 July.

Jules Johnston

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