Public swim at the Pêcheries pond is cancelled

Public swim at the Pêcheries pond is cancelled
Credit: Pool is Cool

Despite expectations that it would be able to go ahead, a planned ‘test’ swim in the pond of the Pêcheries Royales in Watermael-Boitsfort has been cancelled.

"With the swimming equipment already half prepared we must announce with deep grief that the Expedition Swim at Pêcheries Royales is cancelled," said the group in an email to participants.

The pond had previously been found to contain blue-green algae, leaving participants unsure of the fate of the public swim planned this weekend.

Due to fluctuating water quality in the past, Bruxelles Environnement - the project partner responsible for the ponds - informed the group that they can not guarantee the water quality in the weekend.

Last weekend the planned Expedition Swim in the Bois de la Cambre had been cancelled for the same reason.

Despite this new cancellation, organiser Pool is Cool says it wants to retry the organization of a swim at the pond of Bois de la Cambre within two weeks, BX1 reports

Jules Johnston

The Brussels Times

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