Belgium in Brief: KU Leuven mental health, clogged drains and STIB timetables

Belgium in Brief: KU Leuven mental health, clogged drains and STIB timetables

Mental health statistics show a high number of first-year students struggle, clogged sewers cause a headache for local residents and the Africa museum begins to work on a dress code.

Here’s a recap of the news you should know in Belgium this morning:

1. Schaerbeek’s public drinking ban aimed at transmigrants: reports

A 24-hour ban in a Schaerbeek district was aimed at curbing disturbances to the public order caused by transmigrants. Local media said violent events had motivated a decision by Schaerbeek major Cécile Jodogne to extend a nightly ban on public alcohol consumption, in place since July, to all hours of the day. Read more

2. ‘Sewers are not bins’: dozens of dog poop bags pulled from clogged gutter

A routine cleaning operation led to the discovery of an unpleasant mess on Thursday after public employees found dozens of dog poop bags stashed inside a clogged sewer in Ganshoren. Read more.

3. Jehovah’s Witnesses: 90 victims of sexual abuse come forward

No fewer than 90 victims of sexual abuse within the Jehovah’s Witnesses organisation in Belgium have been discovered over a six month period, according to an association for victims. Read more.

4. Africa Museum creating ethics code after dress-up party blunder

The Africa Museum is working on an ethical code to ensure future events portray the African continent respectfully after a dress-up party near the grounds of the museum caused outrage among observers. Read more.

5. One in three first-years at KU Leuven experience mental health problems

Almost one in three first-year students at the University of Leuven experience mental health problems – 31% compared to only 18% who suffer physical complaints including allergies and acne. Read more.

6. Inspectors at school gates from September to enforce smoking ban in cars

Yesterday saw the publication of the law making it an offence to smoke in the presence of a young person aged 16 and under, on pain of a fine of up to 1,000 euros. The law actually comes into force on 18 August. Read more.

7. STIB announces extended timetable for Brussels Summer Festival

Brussels transport operator STIB has announced that it will extend the timetable for its last metros to cater for people going to the Brussels Summer Festival. Read more.

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