Belgium in Brief: Rubbish retribution, confiscated cars and Clijsters comeback

Belgium in Brief: Rubbish retribution, confiscated cars and Clijsters comeback

Belgium's Kim Clijsters returns to tennis, driving offenders could lose their cars on the spot and Schaerbeek plans to crack down on illegal garbage infractions.

Here’s a recap of the news you might have missed this morning:

1. Police in northern Brussels to confiscate cars of driving offenders

Driving offenders in northern Brussels could start seeing their cars impounded as soon as next month as local police prepare to double down on road safety enforcement in the area. Read more.

2. Kim Clijsters on return from retirement: ‘It will be my marathon’

Belgium’s Kim Clijsters, 36, has announced that she will return to the Women’s Tennis Association tour in 2020. Read more.

3. After the wrong apartment was cleared, rental company offers €3,000 in damages

A rental company in Bruges has offered €3,000 in damages to a man whose possessions were mistakenly removed from the apartment in which he was living in August. Read more. 

4. Schaerbeek searches wastebags to track down illegal dumping culprits

Public cleaning employees and police are searching garbage bags to determine people’s identities as they step up efforts against illegal dumpings in parts of Brussels. Read more.

5. Meteor spotted above Belgium and the Netherlands

Scores of people reported sighting a bright trail streaking the Belgian and Dutch skies on Thursday, in what Dutch astronomists confirmed was a meteor which broke into the Earth’s atmosphere. Read more.

6. Combinations of 36 different pesticides found in thousands of dead birds’ nests

A crowdsourced probe launched to determine what had killed thousands of newborn birds in Flanders and Brussels revealed traces of more than 30 different pesticides inside the chicks’ nests, the study showed. Read more.

7. NGOs sue Wallonia for arms sales to Saudi Arabia

Two NGOs have filed suit against Wallonia for lack of transparency in connection with licenses issued for weapons sold to Saudi Arabia, Le Soir and Knack reported on Thursday. Read more.

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