Dutch ‘driverless’ train launches first passenger trial

Dutch ‘driverless’ train launches first passenger trial
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A self-driving train with passengers on board was tested on Wednesday in the Netherlands, marking the first such trial in Europe, according to the Dutch railway operator ProRail.

The train’s trial run took it from Groningen to Zuidhorn, in the northern province of Groningen, the Dutch Infrastructure Ministry reported, highlighting the importance of the test’s success since “self-driving trains run more efficiently and sustainably.” As a result, the country’s railway capacity has been reviewed positively, noted ProRail, predicting that trains would now be more efficient and punctual.

Automatic Train Operation or ATO had been tested for some time now without passengers in the Netherlands. Wednesday marked the first time passengers were able to ride on a driver-less train, and the operation is scheduled to be repeated in the coming days.

The trial runs are being done by ProRail, the Arriva transport company, the province of Groningen and the Stadler supplier.

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