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Coronavirus afterparties scheduled across Europe

Credit: Pixabay

With many countries around the world locking down due to the new coronavirus (Covid-19), a Berlin-based event company is hoping to organise Coronavirus afterparties throughout the summer.

These afterparties are organised by Speakeasy, a German group of event producers, under the moniker ‘Stay at Home’. “We are passionate event producers, and just like many in this industry, we were hit hard by the Covid 19 crisis. While there is a significant financial impact, this crisis also requires millions of event managers, who thrive on busy and hectic event days, to ‘stay at home’,” Speakeasy co-founder David Bregler told The Brussels Times.

“You could say it is an event company’s response to losing all work and being forced to think about the industry and the meaning for the broader society instead of running around an event venue,” Bregler added.

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The ‘Stay At Home’ corona after-parties, which can all be found on Facebook, run from 19 June to 22 August. Of course, Belgium has not been forgotten. There’s a party in Brussels on 11 July, with an exact location yet to be determined.

“We cannot be certain for how long we need to live with social distancing and we might have to move the event accordingly,” they say on Facebook.

“The parties are our contribution to dealing with the crisis,” Bregler said. “First, we want to give people hope. The situation will improve eventually and by putting up events, we show people that this is the case. By doing so, we hope that people will stay at home for now, not have any corona parties, but instead celebrate together with us, when the time has come. Second, we believe in the power of events and when the social isolation is over, we want to bring people back together. After this hardship, we want to reunite the world.”

The parties are surely welcome news to many, as some countries including Belgium are ordering people to limit social contact as much as possible.

Jason Spinks & Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times