Cultural deconfinement plan ‘in preparation’ in Belgium

Cultural deconfinement plan ‘in preparation’ in Belgium
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A cultural deconfinement plan has been in preparation for several weeks, according to the French-speaking Community’s Minister of Culture Bénédicte Linard.

The restart will be gradual and, depending on the specific sector, will happen in “the months of May, June, and the summer, in various stages.

We have tried to follow the phases proposed by the National Security Council,” Linard said.

There is already an agreement between Flemish and French-speakers to “give perspectives on deconfinement” for the cultural sector, which this week launched an appeal for help, Linard said.

Discussions will continue and should become clearer on Wednesday, with an interministerial conference about culture occurring in the morning.

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Given the number of jobs dependent on the culture sector, waiting for a vaccine to start it up again is not possible, Linard added.

Depending on whether an activity is held in – or outdoors, a certain distance is respected, and other precautionary measures are taken, “we can imagine that certain activities could resume,” she said.

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