Sunday marks “Mid-summer” and the longest day of the year

Sunday marks “Mid-summer” and the longest day of the year
Midsummer is celebrated in many parts of the world. In Sweden, the traditional "Midsommar" event is marked by dancing and music around the "Midsommarstång" (midsummer pole). Credit: Wikimedia

The night between Saturday and Sunday marks the “Astronomical Summer” or summer solstice, the moment when one of the earth’s poles has its maximum tilt toward the sun, which also makes this day the longest in the year.

This is the earliest occurrence of summer solstice since 1896. During the 20th century, it usually happened either on the night between 21 and 22 June, or on the following day. Astronomical factors have led to the change in the date. SRF Meteo reports.

The event is celebrated around the world as Midsummer day, perhaps most famously in Sweden as “midsommar”, when people join to dance around a midsummer pole.

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