Some good news to take you into the weekend

Some good news to take you into the weekend
Tie-dye your Crocs, because why not? ©

Today’s weather promises sunshine followed by storms, so let’s move right on to the sunshine.

The union of landlords has lost a case brought to court to have a moratorium on evictions for non-payment of rent lifted. The ban was introduced in the Brussels region in the light of the financial difficulties faced by many families as a result of the coronavirus epidemic. The Council of State refused the motion for an immediate lifting of the ban, and the full case will be heard next week.

Tie-dye, emblem of the 1970s, is making a comeback, according to Het Laatste Nieuws, living up to its name. Tie-dye involves tying a garment in knots then subjecting it to a variety of dyes to produce a groovy psychedelic pattern. For instructions on how to make your own, ask your grandma.

From July 1, anyone wishing to make an organ donation after their death will be able to register that wish online, rather than having to go to the commune. In theory, everyone is a potential organ donor in Belgium unless they explicitly refuse during their lifetime. In practice, however, doctors tend not to harvest organs unless specific permission has been given. Sign up at the health portal Masanté.

Linneke the pony will next month go into retirement at the age of 35, which makes her more than 100 in human years. Linneke has seen generations of children climb on her back at the Liefkenshoeve riding school in Halle-Zoersel in Antwerp province, among them Dries, a local boy now aged 26 and a full-time show-jumper. Linneke will now go and live with Dries and his parents to enjoy a long and hopefully less busy retirement.

The municipality of Saint-Josse in Brussels is to introduce ‘summer streets’ this summer. Summer streets close to traffic (excluding residents) on Sundays from 12.00 to 18.00 to allow playing and other ‘soft’ mobility such as bikes, scooters and skates. Applications to become a summer street can be made from tomorrow by email.

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