Cinemas lose visitors over mandatory face masks

Cinemas lose visitors over mandatory face masks
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The government’s decision to make face masks compulsory in cinemas one week after their reopening has resulted in a drop in attendance of more than 25% compared to last weekend, according to the Federation of Belgian Cinemas (FCB).

Compared to the same weekend in 2019, the difference is 80%. The FCB is asking the National Security Council, which is meeting on Wednesday, to reconsider the decision.

“Belgium is the only country in Europe where there is a double safety measure -social distancing and a face mask,” they pointed out. “Consumption has also been greatly reduced, even though it is permitted to take off the mask for a bite and a drink.”

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The announcement of mandatory face masks in cinemas had many moviegoers wondering what would happen in terms of their favourite snack.

“Operating a cinema profitably was already very difficult under the previously imposed restrictions, which involved social distancing and a maximum of 200 visitors. As a result, “capacity decreased by approximately 70%. With this additional measure, it becomes completely impossible”.

“Countries such as France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg also require the mask in public places. However, the face mask may be taken off during the film, so that the cinema-goers can enjoy the film in a comfortable way,” the FCB lamented.

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