Outdoor dinosaur exhibition launches in Mechelen on Saturday

Outdoor dinosaur exhibition launches in Mechelen on Saturday
Credit: Belga

A temporary coronavirus-proof exhibition featuring lifelike dinosaur robots, fake skeletons and sculptures will be launched on Saturday at Technopolis in Mechelen, in the province of Antwerp.

The new expo is on the parking lot of Technopolis, a technology education centre that calls itself a “do centre.”

Until 3 January, visitors can learn what dinosaurs looked like, how they lived and what food they needed. In addition, they can learn more about the period in which the dinosaurs lived from real fossils.

The exhibition is tailor-made for children and contains a lot of scientific facts about the period in which dinosaurs lived.

For Technopolis, this exhibition is the first to be held outside. In this way, the centre wants to broaden its offer and also offer visitors extras in coronavirus times.

In recent months, the coronavirus crisis has caused the number of visitors at Technopolis to drop sharply because the schools are staying away.

The dinosaur exhibition can be visited in combination with a ticket for Technopolis, but can also be visited separately.

Dinopolis is open until 3 January, and there are several nocturnes planned.

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